Sticker printing

Digital Printing

Stickers are self adhesive papers which can be sticker to wall or Glass or metal panels etc in different sizes and shapes.

Adhesive can be end to end or only at the corners or can be on the printing side so that lets say we want to print a huge sticker and paste them on 2nd or 3rd floor of the building glass then the way out is front adhesive sticker which will cut short the scaffolding process which required time, manpower, extra money or a professional spider who will hang himself from top of the building to paste them.

We at Kapricorn prints provide different sizes of stickers from A3, A4, A5, A6, and so on to Wide formats like A1 or A0 or more bigger sizes which are printed in roll formats and cut sheets formats as per the printing size.

Lamination by a thin film will ensure the print doesn't fade away over the period of time when it's pasted on outdoor which faces Sun and rain and different weather conditions. It shall make them wash proof and gives a logitivity to them.

We print clear Sticker which has a clear and translucent background and only the print is visible.

We print Vinyl Stickers which has a white background and can be cut to shape as per the requirement. These vinyls are pasted on sunboard, foam boards and then pasted to walls which will given a better look to the graphics and text of the vinyl.

We print dotted or one way vision sticker which is used for office glasses wherein it shall be visible from one side and other side it won't be that visible.

Frosted stickers are also availble in which the design itself is a pattern and ready to be paste Stickers. These are non printed stickers which will reduce the vision.