Menu card printing

Digital Printing

Menu card As the name suggests it's the card which showcases the menu of a restaurant. For any restaurant menu cards are most important marketing material about the food prepared at the restaurant. We at Kapricorn prints provide design and print solutions for your restaurant by designing them with graphics of the food and platter on the table with utmost care such that the design shall showcase the delicacy of your chef. Laminated menu are common for start up and for rough use since they are handeled by many it's the best one to have for any restaurant. File pouch insert menu cards are most common where in cut sheets of menu are inserted back to back into the pouch of the file which gives a slightly premium look as compared to laminated menu cards. Booklet format menu are the most premium ones but doesnt last that long as compared to Above types but thin lamination will ensure they last a little long with elegance touch. Sunboard menu are the latest types majorly used In pubs which is printed on sticker of A3 size and pasted on 3MM sunboard and wooden framed at the corner for longevity.