Sublimation Mug printing

Digital Printing

Sublimation is a process that uses heat to transfer dyes into mugs. We get Mugs in different sizes and designs as mentioned here below. 1. 11 Oz white Colour Mugs. 2. 6 Oz White colour Mugs 3. 11 Oz Inside Colour & Handle Colored Mugs. 4. 11 Oz White Patch Black Mugs. 5. 11 Oz Colour Chaining Magic Mugs 6. 6 Oz Colour Chaining Magic Mugs. We Print all the above types of mugs at our store. The Mugs are sublimated and normal ceramic mugs cannot be sublimated, in sublimated mugs the Dyes are transferred through a heating process from Heat Transfer paper to the Sublimated Mugs in which the printing will last really long and does not fade away.